The Live the Lake NJ Family of businesses are a group of unique experiences and locations around Lake Hopatcong.

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Alice’s and Big Fish Lounge

Alice's Restaurant Logo


Good food, comfortable drink, with a great view. Customers love Alice's because it is an easy-going casual restaurant with classic American comfort foods and seasonal specials.  Some of the best views of Lake Hopatcong can be seen from Alice's dining room.  The adjoining boardwalk is a great place to grab a quick drink and take in the sights of Nolan's Point.  Alice's Big Fish lounge is a full service bar down below.

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Big Fish Lounge Logo

Big Fish Lounge at Alice’s

Come in. Chill out. Play. “Below deck” at Alice’s, the Big Fish Lounge provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere where customers can enjoy the bar menu and drinks. The inside lounge has 7 TV’s with satellite sports, two regulation dart boards, and shuffleboard. The outdoor patio has bumper pool, cornhole, jumbo jenga, and Bimini ring toss.

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