The Live the Lake NJ Family of businesses are a group of unique experiences and locations around Lake Hopatcong.

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Get to Know Us!

View of the sunset over the Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company docks.


Live the Lake NJ is a family of businesses serving both visitors to and residents of the Lake Hopatcong area. Our collective mission is:

“Providing a spectrum of day-trip excursions for all lake enthusiasts to discover the natural beauty, historic charm and vibrant culture of Lake Hopatcong.  Our professional dedication to hospitality is matched by our commitment to aesthetically pleasing venues and community involvement –  thoughtful practices which create un-paralleled experiences in the Highlands of New Jersey.”

View of the patio seating at Alice's Restaurant overlooking the lake.

Why Visit Lake Hopatcong? 

In the nineteenth century the lake was a popular and convenient destination for city dwellers looking for relief from the heat and humidity.  Fresh water, clean air, cool nights and beautiful scenery were major draws.  Trains ran to the lake where steam boat ferries waited to whisk visitors to one of many hotels and campsites around the lake.  This tourism supported a variety of attractions such as summer theater, amusement parks, dance halls, restaurants and bars, a movie theater, photo services as well as a variety of private clubs and more. It was easy to fall in love with the lake and all it had to offer.

Today, Lake Hopatcong is thriving and visitors enjoy many activities here. The companies at Live the Lake NJ offer a variety of ways to experience New Jersey's largest lake - water and land adventure tours, dinner cruises, mini golf, ice cream, as well as delicious meals from restaurants with amazing views.  We are confident that you will be glad that you visited New Jersey's largest lake - Lake Hopatcong.  That is why we want you to LivetheLakeNJ.

View of a sunset over Lake Hopatcong.

Charitable Initiatives

Every employee at Live the Lake NJ understands the importance of giving to the community.  It is only natural that our businesses do the same.  Live the Lake NJ companies support local causes in a variety of means.  The  most common form is direct donations and sponsorships.  However, we also participate in more dynamic efforts of our own or by partnering with organizations that believe our venues will boost group participation with our unique locations.  Some of our initiatives include-

"Dine & Donate" Events

Initiated 2017: Dine and Donate Events are organized between The Windlass restaurant and non-profit organizations.  20% of all proceeds from sales made on a pre-selected time or date are donated back to the organization.  These fun events often fill the restaurant with like-minded individuals and enable regular customers to passively support a local cause just by enjoying a meal or drink in our establishment.


Live the Lake NJ carefully considers sponsorship opportunities giving preference to opportunities that 'match and mirror' our corporate values and ideas - giving strong preference to organizations that benefit the same persons we call our customers and neighbors.  As a result, we are proud to sponsors many school and community events, sports teams, youth groups, and volunteer organizations. 

Charitable Donations

Live the Lake NJ holds an annual budget dedicated to supporting regional and local nonprofit organizations through monetary and tangible donations as well as donating the use of equipment, manpower, or any one of our venues or services at reduced rates.  Like sponsorships, we look to support entities which 'match and mirror' our corporate values, ideals and community.  We proudly support a host of local fundraisers as well as more visible efforts such as the Elks Leap in the Lake, a golf outing supporting the Wounded Warriors Project, the local Rotary, and Lake Hopatcong Foundation events - to name a few.

Thanksgiving Meal

Initiated 2017:  We work with the senior citizen organizations of Roxbury, Hopatcong and Jefferson.  Seniors are invited, through their organization, to attend a full and festive holiday lunch at the Windlass restaurant.  Windlass staff serves roast turkey and holiday favorites free of charge.  This event not only kicks off our holiday season but encapsulates the spirit of giving and thankfulness.  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Initiated 2017: The entire month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Our family of businesses actively raise funds by wearing pink and encouraging customer participation.  Customers can passively participate by purchasing special items off our menu and partaking in “pink” drink specials.  They can also actively take a role by purchasing pink Live the Lake NJ T-shirts and wristbands.  The month-long effort is celebrated with a pink party with live entertainment, dancing and prizes.  All funds raised go to the Carol G. Simon Center.   

Veterans Cruise on Miss Lotta

Initiated 2016: Live the Lake NJ asks each of the four local towns to invite 25 of their Veteran citizens (total of 100 invitations) to enjoy one of two cruises aboard Miss Lotta - Lake Hopatcong Cruises dinner-dining cruise boat.  During the 1 1/2 hour sightseeing cruise, our Veterans enjoy a light fare while taking in the sights.  The boat route includes several stopping points where well-wishers on shore cheer and wave flags.  Several private residents along the route join in the festivities as well.  The entire event is 100% free of charge to our Veteran passengers.  This event continues to grow in popularity and community involvement.

Contact Us

If you think your organization would benefit by any of the above charitable initiatives or have a new one we may be able to participate in - please email us directly at   

Live the Lake NJ acts on behalf of all Live the Lake NJ business entities: Main Lake Market, Alice's, Lake Hopatcong Cruises, Lake Hopatcong (mini) Golf Club, The Windlass, Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company and any combination of all under the LivetheLakeNJ brand.

Note: body of solicitation emails must supply us with specifics of your organization (supply tax documentation, if applicable) as well as any information you think we will need to assist us in our decision to participate.

A view of the hydrobikes at the Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company docks.
View of the host station at Alice's restaurant.
A group of adventurers riding hydrobikes and paddleboards on Lake Hopatcong.

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