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Labor Day Fun at Lake Hopatcong

Sep. 04, 2020

Join us for fun in the sun on Lake Hopatcong this Labor Day weekend! From mini-golf at the Golf Club, to water tours or Boardwalk Bootcamp at The Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company, to lunch or a sweet treat at Main Lake Market, to a great dinner on the deck of the Windlass overlooking the lake, we have something for everyone to enjoy this holiday weekend! 

Labor Day Business Hours

The Windlass 
Open All Weekend 12:30PM-8PM, Closed Tuesday and Wednesday After Labor Day

Main Lake Market
Open Daily 8AM-8PM

Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company
Open All Weekend 8AM-5PM, Closed Tuesday and Wednesday After Labor Day

Lake Hopatcong Mini Golf Club
Open Saturday 1PM-8PM, Sunday and Monday 11AM-8PM, Closed Tuesday After Labor Day

Lake Hopatcong Cruises
Office Open 9AM-5PM for Private Event Inquiries Only

Instagram: @LivetheLakeNJ

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